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Why Evolution made Souls!

Is there a thing as a Soul? In some extent there is, but is not what you think. When it comes to Abstractions, Evolution made many of them where Species was just the beginning.

As I already posted in From Flatness to Trinity a depart from the Materialistic view, the modern philosophy is dominated by Materialism, that denies the multi level reality despite all evidences. Is not just Species that are denied, the Representation nature of consciousness also is!

Consciousness is a miracle that materialism can't explain. The miracle is nevertheless simple to explain, you just need to use Layers, Multi layering is always the answer, because reality isn't flatness!

Before you ask how, you should ask why. Why Conscience works in a Representative Image and not on Reality? Why Indirect instead of Direct action on Reality?

The advantage of working on an Image instead of Reality itself is easy to explain, while Reality is rigid in Nature an Image isn't. Also, in terms of Cognitive costs Brains consume too much energy, having an Image on which conscience works makes all the sense, and doubtfully Evolution was blind to it!

With the evolution of this Image, this abstraction, Evolution gained a new Object of Selection, now was not exclusive to the physical body, this Cognitive Image was also a subject. This way Sexual Selection was the result of this new interaction, Body vs Image, physical vs logical.

The consequence of this new scheme is that Conscience doesn't act directly on Reality, it works on an Image that is perceived as a Reality. This doesn't mean that that Image isn't an accurate representation of that Reality, what it means is that doesn't need to be, at least completely, and that is its great accomplishment!

In the dichotomy Conscience vs Image, is important that Image is perceived as Reality, and so it should be out of reach to the "free will" of Conscience, and the best way to do it is make it out of Conscience, make it Subconscious.

However this layer is there, and some times you see its glimpse. One typical phenomenon that you likely already experienced, is the Broken escalator phenomenon. When you step in a escalator that is Stoped, you may have the conscience of it, but who acts on Reality is not your Conscience is instead "your" Image, and for it the Escalator is running, because Image represents that single and experienced reality, so, when you step on your legs obey to your Image not your Conscience!

Never wondered what really means know it as Second Nature? Or on the contrary when some one says, it didn't look Natural! This is the difference between your Image and you Conscience working on Reality, because your Conscience doesn't act directly on it and thus it will always look clumsy, unnatural!

The process of learning is a good example of that, basically you have the Cognitive phase and then the Associative phase, like learning to drive a car, things go like this:

  • Cognitive phase:
    1. Insert key;
    2. Push the clutch down;
    3. Put the gear in neutral;
    4. Turn key;
    5. Wait motor to Start;
    6. Free key;
    7. Free clutch.
  • Associative phase:
    1. Put motor running.

The transition from the Cognitive phase to the Associative phase is done with practice, and the small steps when repeated become part of the Image instead of the Conscience. Then Conscience recalls them in a form of purpose, put motor running, the task now in the Procedural memory is run without effort, as second nature! In some way, is like comparing the Development of the Prototype with the Factoring of the respective Product.

At this point you realize that Cognitive phase is much more expensive than the Associative one, this is the consequence of the cost to maintain a Conscience in terms of energy costs and in efficiency in dealing with the Reality, so naturally all your actions with practice and experience go from Conscience to Subconscious (Image), making you an extremely automated individual, efficient and fast. For instance, in the following example, children use buses more often than adults, and so, they have the bus drawn at their Image level, contrary to the adult that normally uses the car making him only able to use the Conscience, much more slow and inefficient to make conclusions.

Which way is this school bus headed?  

By experience, you immediately guess that heads to the left, because the entrance is in the other side (US Direction)! Children, with more recent experience on buses, are much better at answering this question than adults.

Contrary to the Image, the Conscience (Consciousness) is able to be On/Off whenever necessary as a mean to manage energy and as the result of its no physical reality (logical). In terms of conscience everything is possible to be On/Off, just like a dream, contrary to the physical world that is always On. In Reality nothing can be more volatile than Consciousness, or if you prefer, than the Soul!

Science in some domains has dropped the pure materialist view, and are starting to considerate other levels, also Logical and not only Physical.
A lot of what we think is real and obvious, in fact, is, well you could call it an illusion in a way. If I got pain in my hand the pain is not actually in the hand, the pain is my brain. My brain creates a three-dimensional model of the world and associates the nerve impulses coming from the pain receptors in my hand with pain in the hand and it create this illusion that the pain is actually in the hand itself, and it isn't. The more you look into neuroscience the more strange and confusing it becomes. - On how the brain creates pain, Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh.

Henry Marsh - BBC Documentary Storyville The English Surgeon english subtitles

The pain is a good proof of the Image, because you (AKA "soul") are living in a box of perception, and in this way pain is a Perception served to you by the Image. There are two Interfaces, the physical, between Reality and the Image, and the Logical one, between you and the Image. This means that in the end you are an Abstraction that Image manipulates the way it wants, your "existence" is only there to make ends meet, to make the syntheses of a Will that isn't really yours. Again, Souls are perceptions created to conform with the real Will, the Will of the Species encapsulated in the Image the only one that represents its physical reality. If there are so many wasted Organisms in the name of the Species, why it should be different with "Souls" (Consciences)? Independent layers is the main concept here!

This Image is in constant change, and it might be changed by trauma or stress. A post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is produced when due to trauma the Image is misfitted to a normal Reality, for instance when someone panics with fireworks perceived as a military attack.

The PTSD is however a overlooked issue. When it comes to social interactions not even the most perverse mind is able to conceive the Reality of the Image. Accordingly to the value of the Organism defined mainly by its biology, the Image is the cornerstone of the Sociobiological Hierarchy! By experience each Organisms' Image is shaped to its Real position in this Hierarchy, where Conscience isn't no more than an housewife trying to make ends meet. This is well seen in the Master/Slave relationship between role models and their fans! This relationship has Devotion as its main ingredient!

In the end, conscience is like someone in a control room, with manipulated pictures and emotions that are representations of Reality that isn't perceived directly. Like a big TV showing a processed reality (Image), not only by experience but also by instinct. The Image is the System outside which no Conscience is able to exist, because this System is what The Will of the Species really is.

This image is not only shaped by experience, it was also shaped by evolution, like the Cognitive Sexual Image. In reality is expected that the great part of this Image is instinctive instead of contextual, the fear of death isn't learned but inherited. Despite that, you may be afraid of death trough instinct or trough context (Conscience). You are instinctively afraid of highs but contextually afraid of a stripped electrical wire. The first one is produced directly by Reality acting on the Image, while the second one is produced by Conscience acting on that same image!

Instinctive vs Conscious fear of Death

Contrary to the Instinctive fear of Death, the Conscious one depends on Conscience, of learning. To be afraid of electrocution you need to know what electricity is and the respective Associative phase that instinct dispenses.

Is this contextual perception that makes Conscience very useful, because no mater how sophisticate a Reality might be, the puppet Conscience is there to work it out for its puppeteer Image, like a Slave serving its Master. Image wasn't shaped to foreseeing the Reality of the futuristic technology, or the new sophisticate tools that require learning and understanding that the crude and predefined Image can't conceive, so Conscience is there to allow Image to perceive and assimilate all the novelties, with the final purpose of having the real control where it belongs.

This Image was shaped by Evolution to make Conscience a believer of its materialism and control on Reality. This feeling of control and reality is so strong that Conscience sees it self as an immortal Soul despite its failure in giving a good explanation for it. So be it, as long as the work is well done and Species become rewarded by their so deluded Consciences.

Here is where the materialist is religious as religious people are! A materialist refuses the existence of a Soul because for him physical death means "Soul" death, while for a believer Soul is immortal. The Materialist, like the believer, is also corrupted by the Image, because he puts at the same level Physical and Logical phenomena, sustaining that Conscience "Soul" lives the same as body lives.

In reality, the believer, the religious, gives you a better clue of the real nature of the Soul than the Materialist. Because the believer expresses what he feels, he expresses his second nature, his Image, and unintentionally he gives the truth of what a Soul really is, the Conscience of an immortal Image in a volatile Reality, where its real duration is surely far less than the body where it "lives" in (multiple instantiations). However, the Materialist is corrupted by is naive and benevolent view of reality, failing to see the crude reality prevents him to see reality itself, because the best way to see reality is to conceive the worst one!

So, in conclusion, Evolution made Souls to better serve their Species accordingly to its Will.

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