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DEVOTION: As natural as "Believing in God"

Life is sacred, and for a good reason. That reason is servitude, servitude to the chosen ones.

Species are the physical and psychological blueprint of its organisms. That blueprint molded by Natural Selection defines the best fitted Species, meanwhile, species chose their best organisms in accordance to that blueprint. The same way the physical hardware of an organisms has its own purpose, feelings also play its equally decisive rule.

As saw before about Sampling, there is a great deal of waste in terms of living organisms. However, Species throughout Natural Selection, adjusted their feelings in an way to avoid complete waste, and more important, to take advantage of it.

Devotion has a very specific function, devoid the Organism of self interest in favor of the Species interest. Doing so, it produces two results, first increases will pressure to sexual reproduction, allowing a more restricted filter that increases the effect of Sampling (in war and love everything is fair), and second maintains a share of organisms willing to serve the chosen ones in exchange of the pleasure of being accepted by them.

Religions, where devotion is mandatory, the concept of "created at the image of God" is a classic. When it happens, it's important that God itself represents how a male or female should be at the eyes of the Species!

So for Jesus Crist we have the following male model:

Despite the reality being slightly different:

But who says that Religion is about reality? Religions are Synthesis of Devotion, extensions of the Species Will.
Let us make man in our image, in our likeness” (Genesis 1:26)

So, in all religions the figure of God is a important matter. Some religions, like Islam, avoid the problem by simple not showing any face, nevertheless, there is a devoid of individualism towards collectivism. Humans have the instinct to veneration and subjugation.

If it's truth that some religions are restricted in human body veneration, others have an history of promoting it. Renaissance and its art is a good example of that body veneration.

Of course that Shame on Sex plays its rule here, and the modern veneration of it is more discrete:

Devotion is an instrument of Species to impose servitude trough standardized feelings. The classic example is on Superstars Devotion, where common people is willing to offer them selves to the Superstar without compromises. The brains of common people are cooked to the point of extreme hysteria, including fainting and self mutilation.

This happens in the best interest of Human Species, because it promotes the greater success of biological superior organisms, where the inferior people is the happy red carpet. This would be impossible if there wasn't a standardized Species Will guiding the entire humanity.
Justin Bieber reduces size 14 fan to tears after allegedly calling her a "beached whale"
So, Love is not only about affections is also about exploitation, in this way there is Affective Love and Exploitive Love.
"Despite reports that the majority of pimps used violence to keep the women in the trade, violence was rarely reported as being used to first get the women into the trade. Instead, most pimps use one or a combination of the following five techniques: (a) love, (b) debt, (c) drugs, (d) the “gorilla” technique, and (e) position of authority. 
Love. Sixteen percent of the prostituted women interviewed described being turned out by a boyfriend or a pimp to which they had an emotional attachment. The seduction process was also described by informants from the Prostitution Offender Program. It appears that pimps were able to convince underage girls to prostitute themselves by pretending to love them. Playing on their vulnerabilities, stereotypes, and insecurities, pimps could distort a young woman’s sense of right and wrong with alarming speed. Several ways that this seduction process could occur were reported but, in most cases, a pimp would scout out a vulnerable, insecure teenager and woo her with attention and gifts. Not only would he wine and dine her, but he would make sure that she was aware of how much money he had been spending on her. Then, after the girl had fallen madly in love with her new ‘boyfriend,’ the pimp told her that they were out of money. Knowing how much money her ‘boyfriend’ had spent on her, the girl felt responsible for the situation and was willing to do anything to help. And so, with the help of her ‘boyfriend,’ the girl found herself prostituting on the corner to bring home some money." - Research Article: Routes of Recruitment into Prostitution
The inverse is also true when it comes to servitude of the superior organism, it doesn't matter if women or man, in the end superior biology it's all it matters, with many extremely wealthy man giving their dimes for a pretty woman.

To know how devotion works out in favor of superior organisms you may read Daniel Hamermesh and its "Beauty Pays". There is no need to give examples here, you just need the facts Daniel Hamermesh gives, they are so many that they become boring!

As shown in SAMPLING: As natural as "the Death of my Little Brother", as more perfection you demand, more samples you need. This means that there is an hierarchy of samples, where less and less samples are at the top, in a logarithmic way. This way biology works like a system of casts, where morals exist to preserve that cast system and serve the biological superior ones. So this cast system may be compared with the Indian cast System, with religion supporting and justifying this hierarchy this Sociobiological Hierarchy.

Sociobiological Hierarchy (analogy)

As an analogy, the untouchable are all those that Species doesn't want to be reproduced, and so sexually untouchable, where the condition to satisfy their instinct of survival is to serve the upper class. They live in a box of perception, where shame on sex works to maintain that restrained perception. The upper cast, priests, are the ones who make their own rules, deciding how, what and who should be respected.

The real "Superman" by its superiority is easily capable to become a source of devotion, normally in the universe of arts and culture, like theater, cinema, music and others alike. The common plot is the nonconformity with the social norms, a kind of liberation. However what is really going on, is the exclusive liberation of the Superman by supporting "secondary" rules that specify who is cool, who is a Priest of these new rules, that in reality have nothing new in the way that are just an extension of the old rules. This extension is many times saw as the Evil side of Humans, like a constant slip from Good to Evil. But what it really is, is the allowance of the chosen ones to be over the mainstream moral, and this is why they are associated to a kind of dark side, sometimes as Sweet Evil Figures. All this supported by, and in accordance with, the Species Will!

Contrary to a clumsy social moral, the Species Moral is much more perverse and subtle. If it is easily to complain about an unjust social system, saying that doesn't give you access to food, shelter, it's a very different deal to complain about beauty, sexuality or vanity. The morality is there to allow just an elite to come out as while as complies with the Species Will.

The devotion trough the Superman makes him out of critic, any one making a critic is immediately confronted with its terrain cast. "Who are you to say that?" In a world of devotion there is no way to wake up some one whose devotion means devotion of criticism. But the most important of all, is the aggregated will that roller over any critic that makes you realize the Species Will protecting the chosen ones.

For instance, The Species Will is used in marketing to sell products, where a pretty face is unavoidable. What many see as Capitalism creating a Will, is in reality Capitalism taking advantage of that Will.

Scarlett Johansson signed on as the first-ever “global ambassador” for SodaStream, which sells snazzy home-carbonating technology. - in The Politics of Celebrity Ambassadors

As far as diversity is allowed to go, is to dress superior organisms with even more mysticism, and so, diversity doesn't go further than a sexy vampire. This system of casts is not compatible with diversity, that is why diversity is the greatest lie that exists to feed the "Perception Box" that imprisons the lower casts, believing that there is value in their difference, while everyone is devoting the same God.

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