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SAMPLING: As natural as "the Death of my Little Brother"

There are those things that no Evolution will ever change. Those things, are part of Nature as physical laws. One of those things is Sampling, that means producing more data than the one is really used. So, there is a Static Logic for a Dynamic Reality, or put it simple, an Abstraction! This is also done in human activities, as abstracting things like taking many pictures to select the right ones, producing standardized items able to cope with different models, like the network cables (8P8C) in our homes with 8 wires instead of 4, twice the cooper we really need it, or in Mail routes leveled by Regional, National and International like FedEx, UPS, etc..., with those levels resulting in extended routes than the optimum ones, and also other standards in industry that make tasks simpler but wasteful.

Some people don't get this Static Logic, and make complains like:
"Why was the package routed thousand and thousands of miles instead of a few hundred? Why would the USPS, an entity with some serious financial troubles (death rattles?) go so, so far out of its way?" - in The Postal Service Shipped This Guy's Package Across the Country Twice for No Reason
Obvious answer from someone that worked in USPS:
"The system isn't designed so that your package is shipped in the most efficient manner, it's designed so the whole system is efficient. That sometimes means packages take odd routes do to space on trucks, planes, and trains. I used to work at a shipper and had a few friends in logistics, they constantly joked about some of the crazy routes packages would take because it saved the company money."
So, waste is an unavoidable thing in standardization, and so, in nature.

"Good pictures are rarely accidents. We photographers take a lot of pictures so as to get a really good one, or the best we can get from a given situation. The photos above were from a job I shot for Syracuse Media Group this past Friday." - Why Do Photographers Take So Many Pictures? 
Species, a standardization, is no exception, and has to follow this same Natural Rule. In organisms this is easily saw in the first days of life. The next stats in Yellow show exactly that, the needed waste to produce a living human organism:

But this is just a glimpse of the Species' needed waste. The romanticism of diversity, that argues that there is always a way against the odds, with arguments normally like "If ... and all of us ...", faces crude realities that no one can ignore. Like the example given before of vision problems, where there is no more or less, but only exactly what is needed (myopia), we have organs like hearts, that is to say, hearts that have to beat all the time (at least human hearts), when they fail is no diversity, is death.

Not surprisingly, death by Heart Disease is the main cause of death in Total, followed by cancer, probably because 1 in 100 born with Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). This means that to sustain a natality of 500 000 newborns without CHD you need an extra population to be wasted of 5 051, this means, 505 051! And the same goes to all the other congenital diseases combined, that accordingly to CDC represents 3%, three times more. However, if you add other diseases that aren't associated to Congenital Defects, due to undefinitions of various kinds, like the Genetics of Obesity, or due to no given diagnose like the XYY trisomy, where 88% of the males with the syndrome are never diagnosed because there are few or no problematic symptoms, or pathologies that for political reasons aren't seen as such, like homosexuality, you start to get a even bigger percentage. Then, when talking about Sexual Selection and the inherited traits that damage the sex appeal, we get a percentage of waste out of proportions.

Nevertheless, if we guess a minimum final percentage of 25% of waste probably we wont be over the real value. It can't be, says the Natural Selection fanatic! Evolution is perfect, it produces magnificent organisms...

"Just one in 20 people worldwide (4·3%) had no health problems in 2013, with a third of the world's population (2·3 billion individuals) experiencing more than five ailments, according to a major new analysis." - Over 95% of the world’s population has health problems, with over a third having more than five ailments, The Lancet.
Do you understand what it means out of proportions? Do you see how Evolution has nothing to do with it? Do you get it why there is Sexual Selection? Do you grasp the Entropy and the need of Sampling?

And there is more, the actual childfree reality in USA proves exactly that. With relationships more centered in Love (Species Will) and less in resources or religious practices like before, 20% of women between 40 and 44 are childfree. But contrary to the freedom of choice lunacy, the great majority of those woman really want to have children, but they argue:
"As much as I want to be a mom, I couldn't marry a man I'm not in love with." - in The Truth About the Childless Life

This means that Species has a different view on what is an abnormality compared with medical opinion. Only the really standardized organism is a subject of Love, because Love comes from the Species Will, while organism can't escape this will, they don't love what they can't, even if they want!

But why all this waste, what is wrong with Natural Selection? Are not mutations something extremely rare, in a scale of millions of years?

If you take in consideration that the organisms that most reproduce are the ones with the best genes, and even so, the offspring those superior organisms produce is an extremely contaminated one, is difficult not to see the nature of intended waste in the Species best interest.

In order to be able to do Sampling, a Species has to have a broader population, from which is able to select the healthier snapshots, doing so in a endless fashion for each generation, maintains its share of good reproductive organisms (better genes).

Without Sampling a Species is in danger of a Genetic Bottleneck, meaning that you aren't able to select a smaller population from a population already small. So in a cyclic process, the species becomes extinct not due to lack of Diversity, but simple due to a lack of Population to do Sampling. Genetic Bottleneck normally results in fixation of deleterious genes, proving that diversity is not what species are missing.

From here, we can explain why the so called Selfish Gene didn't result in a each one by itself scenario, why people are not happy or indifferent at least with the death of distant others. And why people is so fanatic when it comes to the value of life. By other words, why religions are so fundamentalists in defending the preservation of life.

For a Selfish Gene approach based only in Natural Selection, Religion has no logic, and hardly is explained by Natural Selection, because is somehow supporting something that they don't wish to support. However if you consider that the God's Will is in reality the Species Will, you understand why the preservation of life, no matter how inferior, is needed at the eyes of any religion, and how keen it is to sell the idea of equality before God. One of the reasons is Sampling, like People on Film, where the glamorous photos are only saw after revelation. The other, I will speak in a dedicated post about DEVOTION...

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