Monday, May 25, 2015

Common Good: The Species Will on Individual Emancipation

The Common Good is the Cornerstone of any Society. This Common Good gives the purpose to individuals come together to achieve an Objective. In opposition, there are interests that aren't common, and in that cases compromises are required.

This Common Good with time may become less common, and more compromises are needed, what this Common Good can't be is a Corruption of the Species Will. So, a Religion or Ideology are first of all a compromise with the Species Will. Religions are the most evident and close example, they share similar views when it comes to Sexual Relationships, knowing in advance what is natural and what isn't. Reflecting which should be the place of Man and Woman. Supporting Shame when it comes to intimate relationships, or aggravating rituals to make it harder the reproduction of the Untermensch, because immorality should be avoided at all cost.

When the Common Good is no more common, when the society is rotten, the Species Will emerges as the saver from all corruption. Love becomes the new utopia, and the Natural and Virginal sexual relationship arrives to save the day. People joyfully embraces the purity of unrestrained Love, the Selvage Men embodies that ideal, free from the corruption that has been oppressing all humankind. Too bad this same people doesn't realize that are embracing the source of corruption they think are eradicating. Movies are vivid in exploring this reality, because it touches the most basic instincts of human beings. V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas, Brazil, The Name of the Rose, THX, 1984 are just few examples.

However, not always the departure from the corrupted society is towards the Species Will. Nowadays we have a process of Emancipation of the Individual in the opposite direction. This emancipation is normally done in two steps:
  1. From Taboo to Vulgarization;
  2. From Vulgarization to Institutionalisation.
This was the process for women emancipation, legal abortion, free drugs and gay marriage. This isn't a finished reality, more excluded of the Common Good will bring their dramas like the Right to Die movement, trying to legalize Euthanasia in many countries.

Individuals have acquired many power, mainly in the first world. This power makes them apt to change and mold the Common Good, but this is just one level of a broader one. Individuals are affected by many problems, and exclusion is more a rule than an exception. Societies may be able to cope with many of these demands, but the Species Will isn't so much receptive to this kind of Vulgarism.

The Species Will isn't spread by legislation, it is the essence of mankind. This is well seen when behaviors don't match the civilized culture, the so called prejudiced thinking. Don't we live in the XXI century? Some may ask! For the Species Will there isn't such thing as XXI century. Prejudice is its instrument of regulation. "gay couple beaten" or "discrimination because i am a woman" proves exactly that, there is no legislation when it come to the Species Will.

Sooner or later, people will realize that to make Species happy they need to conform, there is no other way. The other way will imply extreme costs, that few individuals may endure.

Sooner or later, with realities being more shared, thanks to Internet and other Media, more sharp will be the differences of treatment, the individual will use all its power to correct this new perceived injustices, and increasingly more difficult will be to solve that in a convincing way due to a reality with less curtains.

Facing the striking evidences, the last trend, expectable, will be the Right to Give it Up, likewise the Right to be Forgotten.

As while as the Species Will is able to generate its Common Good, it will maintain its share of believers only destined to serve and be wasted. The problem will come when no one else wants to be one.

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