Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Surprising Origins of Evolutionary Complexity

Seems that Natural Selection isn't all there is when it comes to Evolutionary Complexity. Not a surprise for those who realize other Selections... It's a big step to place at the same level Sexual Selection an Natural Selection as engines of Evolutionary Complexity!

  • Conventional wisdom holds that complex structures evolve from simpler ones, step-by-step, through a gradual evolutionary process, with Darwinian selection favoring intermediate forms along the way.
  • But recently some scholars have proposed that complexity can arise by other means—as a side effect, for instance—even without natural selection to promote it.
  • Studies suggest that random mutations that individually have no effect on an organism can fuel the emergence of complexity in a process known as constructive neutral evolution. 

The Mutational Meltdown in Asexual Populations

When Sexual Selection doesn't apply and Natural Selection is all there is!

Loss of fitness due to the accumulation of deleterious mutations appears to be inevitable in small, obligately asexual populations, as these are incapable of reconstituting highly fit genotypes by recombination or back mutation. The cumulative buildup of such mutations is expected to lead to an eventual reduction in population size, and this facilitates the chance accumulation of future mutations. This synergistic interaction between population size reduction and mutation accumulation leads to an extinction process known as the mutational meltdown, and provides a powerful explanation for the rarity of obligate asexuality. We give an overview of the theory of the mutational meltdown, showing how the process depends on the demographic properties of a population, the properties of mutations, and the relationship between fitness and number of mutations incurred. 
The Mutational Meltdown in Asexual Populations
M. Lynch  R. B├╝rger  D. Butcher  W. Gabriel

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Guardians of the Species | Jazmina Saavedra

Ignorance is a bless, mainly in the domain of Species. Clearly, differences between species determine if one Organism ends up in a School or a Slaughterhouse, but what isn't so clear is that differences in the same Species have similar consequences.

To understand this reality we need to realize that Natural and Sexual Selection are Interfaces in a three layers evolutionary scheme. Natural Selection is the interface Environment/Species while Sexual Selection is the interface Species/Organism.

Natural Selection is the interface Environment/Species while Sexual Selection is the interface Species/Organism.

Sexual Selection means that when it comes to Species, not all Organisms are equal, something that at the eyes of Human Species means that not all Humans are equally Human, and so, they may be treated as livestock for slaughter. The means that Species has at its dispose are Human Guardians that trough their conformity to the Species Blueprint are granted the right to attack those otherwise nonconforming to that same Blueprint. As I previously write in Overdominance: The Good, the Bad and the Untermensch:
Unfortunately Species are very picky and ruthless against non conformity, it has successfully been managing its "guardians" against it. So, in the so called civilized world, and despite being very civilized, the species guardians do their work as they do in Africa. And is not difficult to have news of some of them, now named Bullies.
Besides avoiding the Species genetic contagion by nonconforming organisms, these Guardians exist also to censor the otherwise evident failures of the Species itself. It's imperative that those failures or nonconformities become hidden from the social environment, so that their perception doesn't collide with the benign view of Humanity granted that failures are placed on Organisms instead the Species. This way the discomfort remains limited to levels compatible with religious views of Humanity, useful not only to the Ubermench, but mainly, to the Species' genetic fitness.

The religious view of Humanity is the main purpose of these Guardians, they do the dirty work of all alike in order to preserve a romanticized perception much needed to the legitimization of the Ubermench and its devotion (DEVOTION: As natural as "Believing in God").

A Guardian of the Species doing its work

However, this task of being a Guardian of the Species is not enforced on a particular organism, is the result of a Will, the Will of the Species, that guaranties a minimum needed percentage of Guardians "eruptions" in the conformist population. To avoid wasting good quality organisms, not only the task of being a Guardian has to switch hands, but also, it shouldn't stick to a single conformist organism, so, it's imperative that the previously Guardian of the Species shows regret after their successful work not only to avoid being wasted but also to avoid any perception of the Species' invisible hand.

In the end is up to the Untermench to exit the scene and accept all apologies in the name of an harmonious conformist club!

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Alek Minassian, the result of Sex as a Commodity!

The absolutist view of Societies above all rest resulted in the perception of Sex as a commodity like any other subject to the same rules of sale and sharing. This mistake is ultimately the legitimization of the Alek Minassian attack because when Sex becomes a Commodity it becomes a right that anyone could claim as entitled to.

No Sex due to Asymmetric Chin and Unibrow

However the truth is that Sex IS NOT a commodity, Sex is a modus operandi like a language or even a religion, you can make money from it but that doesn't make it a commodity. This mistake is intentional, it supports the perception of Societies that ultimately will provide all goods as long as you pay for it. Meaning that it's up to Societies to DECIDE who has and who hasn't. Here starts the big problem, because Sex in reality is not regulated by societies and  IS NOT a commodity the idea of the contrary puts the cause of its unavailability on the society supposedly in control of it. The oversight of Sex as a commodity promotes the idea of easy access and high availability like potatoes in a supermarket, mainly when living in a so called land of plenty.

The result of this big lie is a strong confusion and repression, confusion because despite Sex being seen as easy and plentiful it isn't and repression because assuming so makes the individual a failure subject to the worst shaming.

Unfortunately Societies are by nature extremely arrogant, and the truth will hardly emerges. The truth that the purpose of Sex is exactly not to be a Commodity, that the purpose of Sex is exactly not be easy available, that the purpose of Sex is exactly to exclude, that the purpose of Sex is exactly to be intolerant is what it makes it so heavy to emerge. Sex precedes societies by thousand of millions of years (1 000 000 000) but this is unnoticed in societies with their tiny hundred years (100)! So:
  • Societies ignore that all complex life depends on Sex to avoid genetic meltdown.
  • Societies ignore that Sex keeps the human genome clean of major genetic diseases.
  • Societies ignore that the adulteration of Sex contaminates the species genome as clearly seen with inbreeding.
  • Societies ignore that Sex is by concept for the few not the many;
  • Societies ignore that their populations are heavily contaminated by de novo genetic mutations;
  • Societies ignore that Sexual discrimination is cornerstone for limiting otherwise pandemic de novo genetic mutations (Ex. Microcephaly in Pakistani populations).
This way societies should be serious and educate people to be adults and understand that Sex is not a Commodity that Societies can provide as such.

There is a solution that needs to be considered and that societies can indeed provide. The solution for Sex as a modus operandi previously explained is the following:
  • Artificial reproduction with heavy genetic scanning to limit genetic diseases and consequent lack of sexual attractiveness;
  • Prescription of Anaphrodisiac drugs that reducing the libido would reduce the need for Sex and respective violence while increasing social compliance;
  • The right to Euthanasia for those which the lack of Sex is shameful to the individual beyond the reasonable.
Ultimately there is the need for a revolt against Sex as the result of the conscience that Sex is the cause and not the solution for problems like Racism, Sexism, Domestic violence, Homophobia, and many others that will prevail as long as we still see Sex as a benign Commodity.

Commodities aren't Pranks

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The corruption of the #metoo movement!

Because is SEX we are talking about, is important to notice that humans are instinctively puritans with no exception and that is the source of conflict between individuals and their species.

Because is SEX we are talking about, people ignore that libidos are not equal between men and women, that means that there are no possible convergence but an equilibrium many times in the form of coercion and violence.

Because is SEX we are talking about, is sad that Natural Selection is still used as the ultimate model for social reality and Sexual Selection is still ignored despite being the real cause of what is wrongly attributed to Natural Selection.

Because is SEX we are talking about, is important to notice that evolutionary biology calls it the queen of problems for some reason.

Because is SEX we are talking about, is important to notice that Sexual Selection as a promoter of DIVERSITY instead of UNIFORMITY is a romantic perspective with scientific proofs otherwise.

Because is SEX we are talking about, racism attributed simple to colonialism is much more likely the result of a conflict between Natural and Sexual Selection when a trait is promoted by one Selection against the other, in this scenario everyone is racist (sexist) just because blackness was promoted by Natural Selection against Sexual Selection and Sex is the main peoples' actions driver.

Because is SEX we are talking about, men is as victim of it as often as women are, men having a greater libido means that they are subject to sexual frustration much more times than women, and thus it might well be the main reason for men committing suicide more frequently than women and because of that these victims are not considered by any #metoo movement.

Because is SEX we are talking about, the strong romanticism about it might well be just part of its spectrum of instincts to conceal their real function, to serve the cleanliness of the species genome, and thus to oppress individuals considered inferior by it.

Because is SEX we are talking about, is important to note that the ambiguity of Social opinion about Sex might well be the proof that we are naturally corrupted by it to the point of not seeing how it really works.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Evolution or Evolutions? The "Natural" mist!

In a well written article called "The Rise and Fall of Sociobiology" by Peter Augustine Lawler, there is stated the conflict between two extreme views, Social Constructionism and Sociobiology, as follows:
"Social constructionism is the belief that human nature does not matter or exist, and that most of what we believe about human nature is actually the product of human institutions and cultures, and therefore open to be changed. Sociobiology is the belief that human beings have real natures and natural purposes, but natures and purposes that are fully intelligible through evolution and not really different from those of the other animals." in The Rise and Fall of Sociobiology by Peter Augustine Lawler
Nowadays we live the victory of Social Constructionism with the concept of Diversity as its cornerstone. While Sociobiology saw that Diversity as Biological Inequality, Social Constructionism due to social discomfort and lack of any technical solution made the idea of Biological Diversity mainstream, proof that reality is just too much to Humanity deal with it as it is. Amazingly no one argues about Economical Inequality, if someone had the idea of labeling it Economical Diversity it would be immediately called cynical.

Sadly the delusion is much more deep than "Biological Diversity". There is the big "Natural" mist! If the first delusion has a deadline called Biotechnology the second has not. Natural is that big carpet that you can sweep everything under it. This mist started with the ubiquitous and inflated name "Natural" Selection. If Natural nothing else can escape it. That's why Evolution is seen as something singular, simple because under "Nature" there must be only one evolution. And so, Sexual Selection is lost under this "Natural" umbrella, and naturally, Natural Evolution is all there is.

The puzzling respected book The Selfish Gene is a prime example of this "Natural" mist:
"This is an extremely difficult question (Sexual Selection) for the evolutionist to answer. Most serious attempts to answer in evolve sophisticated mathematical reasoning. I am frankly going to evade it except to say one thing. Whether or not it benefits all the rest of an individual's genes is comparatively irrelevant. Seen from the selfish gene's point of view (Natural Selection), sex is not so bizarre after all." in The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins
The previous quote shows clearly this sweeping under the "Natural" carpet! Same happens with the so called Human "Nature". Again, is everything and nothing at the same time, the Mist that feeds the "Natural" and ancestral mysticism...

Reality as People like and are able to see it!

Natural Selection is clearly an overstatement for what really is. What it really is is Environmental Selection. But:
"But like all popularized science, these big pictures gain clarity by distorting reality." in The Rise and Fall of Sociobiology by Peter Augustine Lawler
Yes, Natural Selection is that big picture that distorts what in reality is, Environmental Selection. The advantage of naming things by what they really are is simple, they give space for other things that go behind. Evolution is another "big picture" derived from naming Environmental Evolution as Natural. because Nature is everything and naturally Evolution is just one. No space for other Evolution like the one promoted by Sexual Selection. Reality is more complex than this "Natural" absolutism, Reality is like this:

  • Environmental Selection:
    • Individuals best adapted to their environments are more likely to survive and reproduce.
  • Sexual Selection:
    • Selection of individuals most similar to the uniform Sexual characteristics of their Species.
Calling Environmental Selection "Natural" has the perverse effect of distorting and neglecting Sexual Selection as a simple branch from the big "Natural" one, like this:
  • Sexual selection is a "special case" of natural selection.
  • Sexual selection is a mode of natural selection where members of (...)
  • Sexual selection is natural selection arising through preference by one sex for certain characteristics in individuals of the other sex.
Clearing the mist means that Sexual Selection isn't "Natural" Selection, quite the oppose it, where "Natural" Selection is a delusion in the sense that "Natural" is everything there is (absolutism), what it really exists is Environmental Selection and Sexual Selection an they are two different things. Clearing the mist is also recognize that there isn't THE ubiquitous Evolution, there are two Evolutions, the Sexual and Environmental ones! Avoiding these concepts just because they are too clumsy or too baffling is no different from a church avoiding the idea of Sun in the center just because. Only reality should determine how thing are described. Languages are contaminated with ideology where "Natural" is one of their mists...
Naturally voting Left is voting Right!
Sexual Mysticism 101

Monday, June 12, 2017

Humans in Morocco 300,000 years ago are the proof that Toba catastrophe theory is wrong!

So, the fairytale goes that before the Great Human expansion, when Humans where in a very tiny concentrated space in south Africa, the Toba supereruption at 70Kya was able to kill many humans almost to the point of extinction... Accordingly to that theory, those newly found bones must belong to an extraterrestrial alien! Why not...?

In The great human expansion
Brenna M. Henna, L. L. Cavalli-Sforzaa,1, and Marcus W. Feldmanb,2

Another nail in the coffin of the Toba nonsense and its Bottleneck Theory! Unfortunately, there is no worse blind man than the one who doesn’t want to see, there is no worse deaf man than the one who doesn’t want to hear, and there is no worse madman than the one who doesn’t want to understand!

The bones, about 300,000 years old, were unearthed thousands of miles from the previous record-holder, found in fossil-rich eastern Africa. The new discovery reveals people from an early stage of our species’ evolution, with a mix of modern and more primitive traits. - in This is us: Earliest fossils of our species found in Morocco

One more fact to add to the list of my previous post: No Diversity in Humans, it was Toba or just Sex?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Inbred Songbirds Croon out of Tune - Scientific American

So, there is a Blueprint after all...!
Read the post EVOLUTION #2 - MENDEL, THE WHYS GUY to understand better the effect of sexual inbreeding in Genetic Noise (drift from the Blueprint)!

Species as the Organism Blueprint

Inbred canaries sang songs with less pure tones, and at slightly different pitches, than their outbred cousins—and female canaries seemed to be able to tell the difference.

Inbred Songbirds Croon out of Tune

Just like humans have to learn to talk, songbirds aren't just born singing—they have to learn to carry a tune. "So in the beginning they just babble." Raissa de Boer, a behavioral ecologist at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. "And they learn from a tutor, so they need an example song in order to learn it."
She says the example song might come from the chick's father. And over time, the baby bird tweaks that tweet, to make it its own. "And then it takes almost a year until they're fully adult, until the next spring, for the final song to come out."
De Boer and her colleagues investigated that song-learning process in canaries, using two groups of baby birds: the first consisted of inbred birds, whose parents were siblings; the second had parents that were. And the researchers found that the songs of inbred birds [sound of inbred birds singing] and those of the other, outbred birds [sound of outbred birds singing] sound… pretty similar to the human ear. "I cannot tell the difference."
But computer analysis revealed that the inbred birds sang notes at slightly different pitches—and with tones that were not quite as pure. "So basically they sang out of tune, in comparison to outbred birds." The results appear in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. [Raissa A. de Boer, Marcel Eens and Wendt Muller, ‘Out of tune’: consequences of inbreeding on bird song]
And even though our untrained ears have a hard time telling the tones apart, female canaries seemed to notice. They tended to lay smaller eggs, and fewer of them, when they mated with inbred birds as opposed to the better songsters. Suggesting that the quality of a songbird's genes may be revealed in its tunes.
—Christopher Intagliata

Thursday, January 7, 2016

No Diversity in Humans, it was Toba or just Sex?

"Modern humans display less genetic diversity than great apes, a puzzling finding given our much larger census population size (1, 2). Interestingly, recent studies have shown that modern humans are not the only hominins characterized by comparatively low levels of genetic diversity. The variability of Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA is on par with that found in modern humans (3–5). More importantly, the effective population size of the common ancestor of modern humans and Neanderthals was recently estimated at 9,999 (95% CI: 9,603–10,335)*, concurring with Noonan et al.'s (6) assumption that the effective population size of the common ancestor was similar to that of modern humans, ≈104. Why are all 3 of these Pleistocene hominin populations characterized by levels of genetic diversity that are lower than those found in extant great apes?" - Culture, population structure, and low genetic diversity in Pleistocene hominins
The lack of diversity in Humans is that kind of thing that makes any evolutionist anxious for a "Natural" explanation, something in the environment that made it happen!

The Toba catastrophe theory is exactly that, the environmental cause that the holly Natural Selection must explain. Species, Sexual Selection, who cares? In the end, all it matters is Natural Selection! This is the way it must be...

I will give my own explanation for what caused the lack of Diversity in humans to the point of being almost clones (virtually identical DNA). This means that you will end up with two causes, that I named like this:
  • The Toba cause;
  • The Sex cause.

The Toba cause:

Simple putted, 75.000 years ago, a Supervolcano in Indonesia called Toba, erupted, causing an extreme change in the environment that led to the death of many modern humans almost to the point of extinction, and doing so, made a genetic bottleneck that eliminated the human diversity that existed before. Simple, practical, all questions answered... or so it looks like.

But not all questions were answered:
  • Why modern humans, and only modern humans, lost their diversity the way they did?
  • How it proves that modern humans had more diversity before the eruption in the first place?
  • Why modern humans never had recuperate a bit of that diversity considering that the event happen half way the existing time of modern humans?
  • Why modern human with an astronomical population size had never catch up a bit of diversity?
  • Why ancient stone tools in southern India were found above and below a thick layer of ash from the Toba eruption and were very similar across these layers?
Many studies dismiss this cause, like the following:
"The Youngest Toba Tuff (YTT) eruption, which occurred in Indonesia 74,000 years ago, is one of Earth's largest known volcanic events. The effect of the YTT eruption on existing populations of humans, and accordingly on the course of human evolution, is debated. Here we associate the YTT with archaeological assemblages at Jwalapuram, in the Jurreru River valley of southern India. Broad continuity of Middle Paleolithic technology across the YTT event suggests that hominins persisted regionally across this major eruptive event." - Middle Paleolithic Assemblages from the Indian Subcontinent Before and After the Toba Super-Eruption
The reason for this hypothesis is the same as the Red Queen one. The fanaticism of Natural Selection over everything else, including Sexual Selection.

The Sex cause:

As I have been arguing in my Posts, with references to many scientific studies and publications, Sex reduces genetic diversity. So, to explain why humans lack all that wonderful diversity that pure Naturalists love so much, the Sex cause is a good place to start.

First of all considerate the following hypothesis:
  • Sex is the mechanism of speciation that defines and standardizes the respective Species;
  • Sexual Selection opposes Natural Selection as the first decreases diversity while the second increases it.
Supported by:
"We reviewed arguments from a diverse assemblage of biologists—ecologists, cancer biologists, population geneticists, paleontologists, molecular biologists, genome theorists, epigeneticists—who implore that sex reduces genetic variation." - Root Gorelick Henry H. Q. Heng, 2010.Sex Reduces Genetic Variation: A Multidisciplinary Review
In this moment I answered all the previous questions but one:
  • Why modern humans, and only modern humans, lost their diversity the way they did?
To start with, you should see what distinguish humans (homo) from other animals:
  • Upright walking and consequent liberation of the hands;
  • Ability to make tools that overcame physical limitations;
  • Capacity to change the Environment.

Slowly but steadily, and contrary to other animal, Natural Selection lost its initial grip on humans, leaving it to Sexual Selection alone that without opposition was able to destroy the preexisting diversity.

So simple, isn't it? Ok, I will explain slowly, step by step...
  1. Homo habilis;
  2. Homo erectus;
  3. Homo neanderthalensis;
  4. Homo sapiens (modern humans).
Homo habilis is the human species that started to lose body hair, and a good cause for it was clothing. I know that there are studies that point out the beginning of clothing 70.000 years before, but there are also other studies that say that Neanderthals used clothes, many thousand years before, so the clothing I talk here are simple furs from other animals. This means that the use of clothing was not out of reach to the Homo habilis and certainly is hand to hand with its lose of body hair.

It must be said that Natural Selection is a more critical kind of thing (life and death) than Sexual Selection, and body hair needed to protect us from cold, found its critical purpose in night and winter. So, clothing was only needed to eliminate this critical purpose of body hair, the one that really matters to Natural Selection.

This doesn't meant the end of the Natural Selection grip on humanity, no. With the decreasing of body hair close to nothing, Homo erectus changed its skin color from white to black. Yes, Natural Selection gave up body hair to Sexual Selection but took black skin color in exchange (promoted by the African Savannah). Nevertheless, the bargain was positive to Sexual Selection, better black than hairy.

With humans able to tool making, use of caves as shelter and fire making, soon Environment started to be a very different thing, acting less directly on the human animal. The relationship between humans and Nature changed from a direct to an indirect one, convergent to an environmental alienation as we have today.

With an human environment more and more alienated of the real one, new challenges emerged. In this new alienated environment, intelligence become decisive to a new and complex courtship that gave birth the Homo sapiens, well capable of the most mystified and sophisticated relationships decisive in the breeding race dictated by an ubiquitous ruler, Sex.

There is no better example of this lose of grip from Natural to Sexual Selection than the reverse of the skin color bargain as soon as Homo emigrated to north, first as Neanderthals and later as modern humans (see Why we born Racist!). This and many other traits were lost in favor of Sexual Selection, until very little remained of the original human diversity, in an alienation process that lasted more than 2 million years.

In conclusion, the greatest triumph of humanity as a Species was not hairless or even intelligence, but the lost of its diversity through environmental alienation, the triumph of our species over the rule of Natural Selection greedy to disrupt the loved dominant standard called homo sapiens.

This could end here, but a ruler is a ruler, and Sexual Selection makes its own victims from all those who don't comply with its standard...

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The real Image of Sociobiology

Some events, like the 2014 Isla Vista killings or the 2015 Donald Trump Campaign, remind us that before we belong to many Societies we belong to one single Species! Unfortunately we are blind to the point of don't see it, despite all evidences that go beyond the most extreme cases.

Sociobiology studies the behavior that underlines and in some extent undermines all Societies. Societies by nature try to restrict and despise the Species and their animals as something that exists only in the jungle, where humans don't make part of it. Even worst, when Societies go to the point of paint this wild side as naive Nature without evils, trying to show that Civilization is unable to correct all evils because they only exist in it. The Noble Savage opposed to the Civilized Man is a good example...

The roots of all this drama are in the illusion of "Free Will". Societies to be accepted need to be popular, and the best way to sell a product is to say it suits all people. Nowadays, to make it more realistic, and due to globalization, dream numbers are used, 99% are satisfied or Nine in Ten. In this scenario of extreme optimism is difficult not being convinced of its success. There is no place to Pessimism when it comes to Sell...

In reality your Free Will is restricted by the Image's Will (the Will of the Species), and accordingly to your conformity your Free Will is more or less Free.

Reality, Image and Conscience (Why Evolution made Souls)

From the moment you start to interact with others, you start to be placed in a hierarchy, Social exclusion in the school environment is increasingly being recognized as a form of relational aggression or bullying, in which a child is exposed to harm through the manipulation of their social relationships and status (Edith Cowan University, 2009). This exclusion is just the tip of the iceberg. It's much more, it's the result of the Will that excludes the ones that do not conform in any way. In reality, the big majority isn't excluded, thanks to the commitment of accepting their rule in their Sociobiological Hierarchy.

The Image of our Conscience (Consciousness), that controls it, is the proof of the needed commitment between the individual and its Species. This commitment is forcefully guaranteed trough Emotions that are quite strong to the point of forcing the Conscience drop its control to the Image. One of those Emotions is Frustration, the main source of violence. When Conscience isn't successful, the impatience of the Image gains control, and that means visceral violence, because is a much simpler and basic form of control, much more "natural"! Nevertheless, this type of violence normally doesn't do more harm than a broken keyboard or a smashed phone.

Image taking control over Conscience/Consciousness

When Conscience regains control regret follows as a question, why I did it? With time we may be able trough experience to endure greater levels of Frustration, or decrease it due to the knowledge of their impacts.

Another big lie that societies sell, is the lie of diversity, a byproduct of the first lie of Free Will. There is a "place for everyone", there are no handicaps there are only personalities, everyone is legally equal despite their differences and their Reality! Natural Selection is incredibly used to maintain this State of Affairs, where everyone thinks being the start of a new evolutionary ramification of their own species, or when every limitation is transformed in strength! Bio diversity between Species is transformed in Biodiversity inside Species, despite the reality pointing in the opposite direction, as modern humans display less genetic diversity than great apes, a puzzling finding given our much larger census population size. Interestingly, recent studies have shown that modern humans are not the only hominins characterized by comparatively low levels of genetic diversity (L. S. Premo1 and Jean-Jacques Hublin, 2008).

The most important difference between Conscience and Image is that the second one is a Standard, a Biological Normalization like Species. All humans share a very similar Image, despite a different Conscience. However is the Image and not the Conscience that ultimately regulates the Sociobiology Hierarchy. The right Smile, the right facial expression, the right phrase and the way and time they are used are mainly due to the Image than the Conscience. In fact, the one who uses more the Conscience than the Image in their daily basis relationships is more prone to suffer from Psychosis, due to the fact of using a more expensive type of cognition. More, it's in risk of developing an emotional conflict between Image and Conscience that normally results in Bipolar disorders. This pressure of the Image over the Conscience, is many times relieved with the use of drugs, Nevertheless the Image always prevails, and the relieve that Conscience had, sooner than later disappears leaving Conscience at the mercy of an even stronger Image. In this conflict, only conformity to the Image of the Species' Will brings peace.

The great majority of the population manages to accept its place in the Sociobiological Hierarchy, more or less frustrated, their perceived gains compensate their perceived losses, while the Species collects their real gains.

So, to Species always win, the Image has to represent their Will. And the will that best serves Species is the Will to Sex. This Will has to be very strong to allow great levels of Selection (filtering). Like a coffee filter that requires high pressure levels. As a result you get high levels of human waste, already explained in SAMPLING: As natural as "the Death of my Little Brother". So that in the end "can't do it" really means it!

On the other hand, the filter is shaped in a form of Shame, that reduces even more the chances of passing through so that only the best quality organisms are really chosen! Emotions are the main tool for Sex segregation in the Division of labor and other divisions based on sexuality. To Species, there shouldn't be shortcuts in the right stages of sexual intimacy, while Organisms should feel promiscuity as uncomfortable as possible. Emotions like shame are there to make all this unseen, to work under the societies' eyes, unable to see the Will of the Species. Societies are only able to make Individuals express phrases and thoughts that they don't really believe.

Like everything else, the pressure to Sex is greater in men than in woman, and this single fact explains the greater violence of men over woman. Men is in a greater fight with his cognitive Image than Woman, and consequently has more episodes of rupture that result in violence, including against himself (Gender differences in suicide). Greater but not exclusive to men, like the Suicide of Christine Chubbuck proves!

Normally this frustration leads to devotion and servitude towards the chosen ones, seen as heroes or role models, promoting this way the Sociobiological Hierarchy. However, in cases of extreme frustration, where heroes and role models aren't no more or even seen as what they really are, collateral damage might happen, and some superior and benefited specimens might be lost, as the price to accommodate the Species' greatest good. As a result of Evolution, the cognitive Image is perverse enough to put the guilty on Organisms instead on Species, firstly when Men think and express negatively on Woman, and secondly, when Men are seen as the real perpetrators (materialism)!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why Evolution made Souls!

Is there a thing as a Soul? In some extent there is, but is not what you think. When it comes to Abstractions, Evolution made many of them where Species was just the beginning.

As I already posted in From Flatness to Trinity a depart from the Materialistic view, the modern philosophy is dominated by Materialism, that denies the multi level reality despite all evidences. Is not just Species that are denied, the Representation nature of consciousness also is!

Consciousness is a miracle that materialism can't explain. The miracle is nevertheless simple to explain, you just need to use Layers, Multi layering is always the answer, because reality isn't flatness!

Before you ask how, you should ask why. Why Conscience works in a Representative Image and not on Reality? Why Indirect instead of Direct action on Reality?

The advantage of working on an Image instead of Reality itself is easy to explain, while Reality is rigid in Nature an Image isn't. Also, in terms of Cognitive costs Brains consume too much energy, having an Image on which conscience works makes all the sense, and doubtfully Evolution was blind to it!

With the evolution of this Image, this abstraction, Evolution gained a new Object of Selection, now was not exclusive to the physical body, this Cognitive Image was also a subject. This way Sexual Selection was the result of this new interaction, Body vs Image, physical vs logical.

The consequence of this new scheme is that Conscience doesn't act directly on Reality, it works on an Image that is perceived as a Reality. This doesn't mean that that Image isn't an accurate representation of that Reality, what it means is that doesn't need to be, at least completely, and that is its great accomplishment!

In the dichotomy Conscience vs Image, is important that Image is perceived as Reality, and so it should be out of reach to the "free will" of Conscience, and the best way to do it is make it out of Conscience, make it Subconscious.

However this layer is there, and some times you see its glimpse. One typical phenomenon that you likely already experienced, is the Broken escalator phenomenon. When you step in a escalator that is Stoped, you may have the conscience of it, but who acts on Reality is not your Conscience is instead "your" Image, and for it the Escalator is running, because Image represents that single and experienced reality, so, when you step on your legs obey to your Image not your Conscience!

Never wondered what really means know it as Second Nature? Or on the contrary when some one says, it didn't look Natural! This is the difference between your Image and you Conscience working on Reality, because your Conscience doesn't act directly on it and thus it will always look clumsy, unnatural!

The process of learning is a good example of that, basically you have the Cognitive phase and then the Associative phase, like learning to drive a car, things go like this:

  • Cognitive phase:
    1. Insert key;
    2. Push the clutch down;
    3. Put the gear in neutral;
    4. Turn key;
    5. Wait motor to Start;
    6. Free key;
    7. Free clutch.
  • Associative phase:
    1. Put motor running.

The transition from the Cognitive phase to the Associative phase is done with practice, and the small steps when repeated become part of the Image instead of the Conscience. Then Conscience recalls them in a form of purpose, put motor running, the task now in the Procedural memory is run without effort, as second nature! In some way, is like comparing the Development of the Prototype with the Factoring of the respective Product.

At this point you realize that Cognitive phase is much more expensive than the Associative one, this is the consequence of the cost to maintain a Conscience in terms of energy costs and in efficiency in dealing with the Reality, so naturally all your actions with practice and experience go from Conscience to Subconscious (Image), making you an extremely automated individual, efficient and fast. For instance, in the following example, children use buses more often than adults, and so, they have the bus drawn at their Image level, contrary to the adult that normally uses the car making him only able to use the Conscience, much more slow and inefficient to make conclusions.

Which way is this school bus headed?  

By experience, you immediately guess that heads to the left, because the entrance is in the other side (US Direction)! Children, with more recent experience on buses, are much better at answering this question than adults.

Contrary to the Image, the Conscience (Consciousness) is able to be On/Off whenever necessary as a mean to manage energy and as the result of its no physical reality (logical). In terms of conscience everything is possible to be On/Off, just like a dream, contrary to the physical world that is always On. In Reality nothing can be more volatile than Consciousness, or if you prefer, than the Soul!

Science in some domains has dropped the pure materialist view, and are starting to considerate other levels, also Logical and not only Physical.
A lot of what we think is real and obvious, in fact, is, well you could call it an illusion in a way. If I got pain in my hand the pain is not actually in the hand, the pain is my brain. My brain creates a three-dimensional model of the world and associates the nerve impulses coming from the pain receptors in my hand with pain in the hand and it create this illusion that the pain is actually in the hand itself, and it isn't. The more you look into neuroscience the more strange and confusing it becomes. - On how the brain creates pain, Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh.

Henry Marsh - BBC Documentary Storyville The English Surgeon english subtitles

The pain is a good proof of the Image, because you (AKA "soul") are living in a box of perception, and in this way pain is a Perception served to you by the Image. There are two Interfaces, the physical, between Reality and the Image, and the Logical one, between you and the Image. This means that in the end you are an Abstraction that Image manipulates the way it wants, your "existence" is only there to make ends meet, to make the syntheses of a Will that isn't really yours. Again, Souls are perceptions created to conform with the real Will, the Will of the Species encapsulated in the Image the only one that represents its physical reality. If there are so many wasted Organisms in the name of the Species, why it should be different with "Souls" (Consciences)? Independent layers is the main concept here!

This Image is in constant change, and it might be changed by trauma or stress. A post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is produced when due to trauma the Image is misfitted to a normal Reality, for instance when someone panics with fireworks perceived as a military attack.

The PTSD is however a overlooked issue. When it comes to social interactions not even the most perverse mind is able to conceive the Reality of the Image. Accordingly to the value of the Organism defined mainly by its biology, the Image is the cornerstone of the Sociobiological Hierarchy! By experience each Organisms' Image is shaped to its Real position in this Hierarchy, where Conscience isn't no more than an housewife trying to make ends meet. This is well seen in the Master/Slave relationship between role models and their fans! This relationship has Devotion as its main ingredient!

In the end, conscience is like someone in a control room, with manipulated pictures and emotions that are representations of Reality that isn't perceived directly. Like a big TV showing a processed reality (Image), not only by experience but also by instinct. The Image is the System outside which no Conscience is able to exist, because this System is what The Will of the Species really is.

This image is not only shaped by experience, it was also shaped by evolution, like the Cognitive Sexual Image. In reality is expected that the great part of this Image is instinctive instead of contextual, the fear of death isn't learned but inherited. Despite that, you may be afraid of death trough instinct or trough context (Conscience). You are instinctively afraid of highs but contextually afraid of a stripped electrical wire. The first one is produced directly by Reality acting on the Image, while the second one is produced by Conscience acting on that same image!

Instinctive vs Conscious fear of Death

Contrary to the Instinctive fear of Death, the Conscious one depends on Conscience, of learning. To be afraid of electrocution you need to know what electricity is and the respective Associative phase that instinct dispenses.

Is this contextual perception that makes Conscience very useful, because no mater how sophisticate a Reality might be, the puppet Conscience is there to work it out for its puppeteer Image, like a Slave serving its Master. Image wasn't shaped to foreseeing the Reality of the futuristic technology, or the new sophisticate tools that require learning and understanding that the crude and predefined Image can't conceive, so Conscience is there to allow Image to perceive and assimilate all the novelties, with the final purpose of having the real control where it belongs.

This Image was shaped by Evolution to make Conscience a believer of its materialism and control on Reality. This feeling of control and reality is so strong that Conscience sees it self as an immortal Soul despite its failure in giving a good explanation for it. So be it, as long as the work is well done and Species become rewarded by their so deluded Consciences.

Here is where the materialist is religious as religious people are! A materialist refuses the existence of a Soul because for him physical death means "Soul" death, while for a believer Soul is immortal. The Materialist, like the believer, is also corrupted by the Image, because he puts at the same level Physical and Logical phenomena, sustaining that Conscience "Soul" lives the same as body lives.

In reality, the believer, the religious, gives you a better clue of the real nature of the Soul than the Materialist. Because the believer expresses what he feels, he expresses his second nature, his Image, and unintentionally he gives the truth of what a Soul really is, the Conscience of an immortal Image in a volatile Reality, where its real duration is surely far less than the body where it "lives" in (multiple instantiations). However, the Materialist is corrupted by is naive and benevolent view of reality, failing to see the crude reality prevents him to see reality itself, because the best way to see reality is to conceive the worst one!

So, in conclusion, Evolution made Souls to better serve their Species accordingly to its Will.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Darwin is Dead: Sexual and Natural Selection on Evolution!

"The best way to conceive the worst reality, is to see it as it is." - The Author
I am myself influenced by the culture of the Natural Selection primacy. For everything I have write I wold like to adjust one thing, and that thing concerns Evolution trough Sexual Selection.
"The sight of a feather in a peacock's tail, whenever I gaze at it, makes me sick!" - Darwin
The reason that made Darwin sick when it comes to Sexual Selection, had to due with its reasoning being much different of the Natural Selection one, where he could easily show a relationship of cause and effect with the help of fossils and also with the typification of different environments and their relation to physical traits in a given Species.

I will show here that all the Natural Selection theory is just a glimpse of what is really going on, I will show how rudimentary is that theory without Sexual Selection, simple because Sexual Selection is the main force of Evolution in Eukaryotes, and that also is the correction of what I have been saying that Evolution is exclusive to Natural Selection.

"Sex is the queen of problems in evolutionary biology. Perhaps no other natural phenomenon has aroused so much interest; certainly none has sowed as much confusion. The insights of Darwin and Mendel, which have illuminated so many mysteries, have so far failed to shed more than a dim and wavering light on the central mystery of sexuality, emphasizing its obscurity by its very isolation." - The Masterpiece of Nature: The Evolution of Genetics and Sexuality
As I post in The Truth about Species! - Part 4 (Entropic Nature), Natural Selection per see isn't able to maintain a Species (Eukaryote), simple because Species are vulnerable to Entropy and so only trough Sexual Selection are able to avoid extinction due to Genetic Meltdown.

From here we can raise a good question, if Sexual Selection is the only one able to avoid Species to become extinct due to Entropy, isn't Sexual Selection the main Evolutionary force when it comes to Eukaryotes.

In Eukaryotes, Species centers the relationship between Sexual and Natural Selection, it represents the result of this two different and normally opposing evolutionary forces.

PropertyNatural SelectionSexual Selection
InterfaceEnvironment vs. SpeciesSpecies vs. Organism
DiversityIncreases DiversityReduces Diversity
EnvironmentSpecies External / PhysicalSpecies Internal / Cognitive
EvolutionTrait SpecificTrait Exhaustive

The above small table is an update to the one already made in the post Eukaryotes from Prokaryotes and the Greatest Lie - For the Folks.

Returning to our conversation, why is Sexual Selection so problematic, even to Darwin,  the God of Evolution trough Natural Selection. The first thing you must realize as to due with Environment, the Environment that works in Natural Selection is not the same Environment working in Sexual Selection.

The first life on earth was shaped only by Natural Selection, the Environment was the External and Physical Environment, whose actions had a direct impact on Evolution. This way, for instance, high and low temperatures, or low and high oxygen levels, shaped different Prokaryotic strains, which causality is easy to grasp and explain.

The problem that Darwin faced however, has to due with Environment identification. In Natural Selection was clear what kind of Environment was that, the planet itself, the mountains, the underground, the rivers and oceans among many other surroundings. Fossils made it clear the close link between that Environment and Species, in conclusion, the Feedback source is easy to identify.

In Sexual Selection the scenario is quite different, because first of all, there isn't a well identified source of feedback for this Selection, and thus all given explanations start with the killing expression "for some reason".
"In the past when peacocks had ordinary colour and length tails, peahens (for some reason) showed a preference to mate with males with slightly longer and more flamboyant than average tails. Thus, the characteristic of slightly longer, more brightly coloured tails would be passed on to the next generation and over many generations the peacocks' tails would become longer and brighter. Thus, the ornate tail gives such an advantage in terms of mating success that it is selected for despite being a disadvantage in terms of general survival." - Darwin and Sexual Selection
This is the Darwin's struggle, struggle to find the Feedback Source for Evolution based on Sexual Selection, and he knew it that the "some reason" was not a reason at all! Other big problem, and not so evident, is how to be sure that a trait credited to Natural Selection is not in fact due to Sexual Selection. This last problem is so corrosive that Evolutionists go straight to the Natural Selection explanation for any given trait, running away from what scares them most, Sexual Selection!

In Eukaryotes we have two different Selections, so is not far fetched to assume two different Environments. The first Environment, the only one that Darwin recognized, is the Feedback source of Natural Selection. The second Environment, different from the first, is the Feedback source of  Sexual Selection. So, the first step here is identify and define this second Environment.
  1. First Environment (Natural)
    • Natural environment encompasses all living and non-living things occurring naturally on Earth or some region thereof. It is an environment that encompasses the interaction of all living species. Climate, weather, and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity.
  2.  Second Environment (Sexual)
    • Sexual interaction between Organisms with their Cognitive Sexual Image defined at the respective Species Level.

This second Environment arrives from the interaction between Organisms with their Cognitive Sexual Image, is this second Environment that might be responsible for the great majority of traits in Eukaryotes, something that will forcefully change the way we think Evolution has been done. If Natural Selection isn't the main force that has been shaping Eukaryotes, then the actual evolutionary rhetoric centered in Natural Selection made so popular need to be refrained and reviewed.

This second Environment is the Cognition of Organisms in a form of a Cognitive Sexual Image, that despite being very normalized is prone to deviations and has it its own Evolution. Brains are greatly allocated to Sexual Matting. Humans are a good example of that, much of a human time is dedicated to discuss sexual issues, and despite all social restrictions, Sexual Attractiveness is king in human interactions and conversations, for the best and for the worst (to Species is always for the best), an overwhelming obstinacy that for sure is not exclusive to Humans. In this strictly Eukaryotic Environment, sexual identification, fetishism, inherited sexual attraction, idealized perfection among others are the logic support for Evolution trough Sexual Selection.

Darwin didn't saw this Cognitive Sexual Image, that encompasses the ideal Physical and Physiologic blueprint before its materialization in a real body. Is the Evolution of this Image that leads trough Sexual Selection to the Evolution of the Real Existent Body and Mind. We may say that the existence of this eccentric Image proves its own Evolutionary advantage. The simple fact of having an ideal Organism before its existence in a form of Cognition is a major Evolutionary force when it comes to Sexual Selection. The big problem with the Evolution of the Cognitive Sexual Image, is that contrary to the physical Evolution trough Natural Selection, there is no way to have fossils or records of this Abstract Image living in Animals' Brains.

At this moment you may ask if this Cognitive Sexual Image is not a way of sweep under the carpet, because the question remains, if not the real Organism but a Cognition, what did cause the evolution of that Cognition in the first place? Here is where "for some reason" makes sense! Because the Cognitive Sexual Image, contrary to the physical Organism, is not bonded to Genes, is not hardwired to the physical restrictions of an existent and real organism. The Cognitive Sexual Image is an abstraction from the Physical world and so is able to reflect an ideal that accordingly with its success might or might not trigger the respective Evolution ot the real Organism trough Sexual Selection. The prove of the existence of this Cognitive Sexual Image comes from the disparity between the Ideal Organism and the Real one... So the Real Organism is not perfect just because its degree of biological inferiority due to entropy, but also, because the utopian characteristic of the Cognitive Sexual Image!

Evolution trough Sexual Selection is a tool that Species uses to obtain the best of its Organisms accordingly to the optimal system of sexual reproduction. So, accordingly to a predefined spectrum of Sexual preferences, more successful organisms in the Species' System may induce different Sexual Traits on that System. In this system, there is a full Cognitive Sexual Image of how a Female and a Male must be, and how it must behave. Also in the Human case, every organism is able to spot what is too fat or too skinny, what is too thin or too thick, the right amount of body hair, the right body proportions and even the right skin color (Why we born Racist!), all this accordingly to an Ubiquitous and Standardized perception (Species' Will).

There is however a trade off with Natural Selection, when a Sexual promoted trait represents a real handicap, Natural Selection will restrain its Evolution (and vice versa), in Humans, a possible example is armpit hair, where the Cognitive Sexual Image isn't the same of the existing human body.

Because it collides with my Cognitive Sexual Image!

When the ideal body image is different of the existing body, a Sexual Selection pressure rises, and Evolution is the result. The reason for this difference between Image and Reality might be caused by Sex Identification, where body air in a woman gives the sexual repulsive and contradictory sign of being a man. Nevertheless, the point is that Cognitive Sexual Image is the Evolutionary feedback source of Sexual Selection, something clearly difficult to encompass in a fossil or reproduce in a simple cause and effect scheme.

Considering that traits resultant of Sexual Selection exist to favor the respective Species, some traits might exist to reinforce a sociobiological hierarchy accordingly to the biological quality of its Organisms. Same to say, make rulers out of superior organisms, and slaves from inferior ones. All this accordingly to what I have told in DEVOTION: As natural as "Believing in God".

So, Sexual Evolution might be the cause of thick red lips in humans as it might be the cause of laugh, scorn, prejudice, facial blushing, shame and many others... All in the Species best interest!

Evolutionists that search in Natural Selection all the traits that can find, don't realize that some traits are intended to prejudice the Organism in favor of the Species. So scorn and disrespect together with laugh may work in favor of the Species, mainly when its purpose is to diminish the respective inferior organisms in the sociobiological hierarchy. When someone hasn't a body accordingly to the Cognitive Sexual Image, the existing differences will be used to keep that someone in the right place of the hierarchy, while on the other hand, the superior one that is closest to that Cognitive Sexual Image is able to dictate and forge how others must behave and stay, all that with the Species' sponsorship at the top of the sociobiological hierarchy.

This way, if cognition can't be disassociated from Sexual Selection, this is a good clue to how volatile and unphysical this second Environment is.

In my another post, The Truth about Species! - Part 2 (Cambrian Mystery), I try to give an explanation to something that despite the doubts, is still regarded as the Cambrian Explosion.
"Complex brains evolved much earlier than previously thought, as evidenced by a 520-million-year-old fossilized arthropod with remarkably well-preserved brain structures. Representing the earliest specimen to show a brain, the fossil provides a "missing link" that sheds light on the evolutionary history of arthropods, the taxonomic group that comprises crustaceans, arachnids and insects." - Cambrian fossil pushes back evolution of complex brains
If Complex Brains are the main feedback of Evolution trough Sexual Selection, Cambrian Explosion might be more due to Sexual Selection that Natural Selection, supporting the Complexity Threshold. In this moment you might find a contradiction, how Sexual Selection may be the main source of the Cambrian Explosion and at the same time reduces Diversity. Again, Diversity and Evolution aren't the same thing, you have Speciation, from one Species trough Speciation you are able to have two or more completely different Species, and also, the same Species may simple evolve and despite that become even less diverse! More Species doesn't mean that they are more diverse, it simple means that they are in greater number. To know more about Diversity see my post The myth of Diversity in a error-prone Environment. And as in my post The Truth about Species! - Part 3 (Inductive Nature), Natural Selection is balanced with Sexual Selection trough a process of Induction allowing faster and fitter adaptations to the existing first Environment type.

When it comes to Evolution, the Second Environment has a much stronger feedback that the First one, and so, Sexual Selection is much more powerful that Natural Selection in promoting it.
"Sexual selection is responsible for the evolution of male ornaments and armaments, but its role in the evolution of cognition—the ability to process, retain and use information—is largely unexplored. Because successful courtship is likely to involve processing information in complex, competitive sexual environments, we hypothesized that sexual selection contributes to the evolution and maintenance of cognitive abilities in males. To test this, we removed mate choice and mate competition from experimental populations of Drosophila melanogaster by enforcing monogamy for over 100 generations. Males evolved under monogamy became less proficient than polygamous control males at relatively complex cognitive tasks. When faced with one receptive and several unreceptive females, polygamous males quickly focused on receptive females, whereas monogamous males continued to direct substantial courtship effort towards unreceptive females. As a result, monogamous males were less successful in this complex setting, despite being as quick to mate as their polygamous counterparts with only one receptive female. This diminished ability to use past information was not limited to the courtship context: monogamous males (but not females) also showed reduced aversive olfactory learning ability. Our results provide direct experimental evidence that the intensity of sexual selection is an important factor in the evolution of male cognitive ability." - Male cognitive performance declines in the absence of sexual selection
Once you understand that Cognition in Eukaryotes is the main source of Evolution trough Sexual Selection in Animals (Eukaryotes), and Humans evolved mainly due to Sexual Selection, it will become clear that Darwin Died when Cambrian Explosion Started! The real world is much more perverse and relentless that the one envisioned by Darwin. In conclusion, blessed are the Prokaryotes that live under the basic laws of Darwin.
"Only one thing oppresses and manipulates the entire humanity, that thing is the Species and its Will" - The Author
Reproduction of the Cognitive Sexual Image