Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Guardians of the Species | Jazmina Saavedra

Ignorance is a bless, mainly in the domain of Species. Clearly, differences between species determine if one Organism ends up in a School or a Slaughterhouse, but what isn't so clear is that differences in the same Species have similar consequences.

To understand this reality we need to realize that Natural and Sexual Selection are Interfaces in a three layers evolutionary scheme. Natural Selection is the interface Environment/Species while Sexual Selection is the interface Species/Organism.

Natural Selection is the interface Environment/Species while Sexual Selection is the interface Species/Organism.

Sexual Selection means that when it comes to Species, not all Organisms are equal, something that at the eyes of Human Species means that not all Humans are equally Human, and so, they may be treated as livestock for slaughter. The means that Species has at its dispose are Human Guardians that trough their conformity to the Species Blueprint are granted the right to attack those otherwise nonconforming to that same Blueprint. As I previously write in Overdominance: The Good, the Bad and the Untermensch:
Unfortunately Species are very picky and ruthless against non conformity, it has successfully been managing its "guardians" against it. So, in the so called civilized world, and despite being very civilized, the species guardians do their work as they do in Africa. And is not difficult to have news of some of them, now named Bullies.
Besides avoiding the Species genetic contagion by nonconforming organisms, these Guardians exist also to censor the otherwise evident failures of the Species itself. It's imperative that those failures or nonconformities become hidden from the social environment, so that their perception doesn't collide with the benign view of Humanity granted that failures are placed on Organisms instead the Species. This way the discomfort remains limited to levels compatible with religious views of Humanity, useful not only to the Ubermench, but mainly, to the Species' genetic fitness.

The religious view of Humanity is the main purpose of these Guardians, they do the dirty work of all alike in order to preserve a romanticized perception much needed to the legitimization of the Ubermench and its devotion (DEVOTION: As natural as "Believing in God").

A Guardian of the Species doing its work

However, this task of being a Guardian of the Species is not enforced on a particular organism, is the result of a Will, the Will of the Species, that guaranties a minimum needed percentage of Guardians "eruptions" in the conformist population. To avoid wasting good quality organisms, not only the task of being a Guardian has to switch hands, but also, it shouldn't stick to a single conformist organism, so, it's imperative that the previously Guardian of the Species shows regret after their successful work not only to avoid being wasted but also to avoid any perception of the Species' invisible hand.

In the end is up to the Untermench to exit the scene and accept all apologies in the name of an harmonious conformist club!

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