Saturday, August 15, 2015

The real Image of Sociobiology

Some events, like the 2014 Isla Vista killings or the 2015 Donald Trump Campaign, remind us that before we belong to many Societies we belong to one single Species! Unfortunately we are blind to the point of don't see it, despite all evidences that go beyond the most extreme cases.

Sociobiology studies the behavior that underlines and in some extent undermines all Societies. Societies by nature try to restrict and despise the Species and their animals as something that exists only in the jungle, where humans don't make part of it. Even worst, when Societies go to the point of paint this wild side as naive Nature without evils, trying to show that Civilization is unable to correct all evils because they only exist in it. The Noble Savage opposed to the Civilized Man is a good example...

The roots of all this drama are in the illusion of "Free Will". Societies to be accepted need to be popular, and the best way to sell a product is to say it suits all people. Nowadays, to make it more realistic, and due to globalization, dream numbers are used, 99% are satisfied or Nine in Ten. In this scenario of extreme optimism is difficult not being convinced of its success. There is no place to Pessimism when it comes to Sell...

In reality your Free Will is restricted by the Image's Will (the Will of the Species), and accordingly to your conformity your Free Will is more or less Free.

Reality, Image and Conscience (Why Evolution made Souls)

From the moment you start to interact with others, you start to be placed in a hierarchy, Social exclusion in the school environment is increasingly being recognized as a form of relational aggression or bullying, in which a child is exposed to harm through the manipulation of their social relationships and status (Edith Cowan University, 2009). This exclusion is just the tip of the iceberg. It's much more, it's the result of the Will that excludes the ones that do not conform in any way. In reality, the big majority isn't excluded, thanks to the commitment of accepting their rule in their Sociobiological Hierarchy.

The Image of our Conscience (Consciousness), that controls it, is the proof of the needed commitment between the individual and its Species. This commitment is forcefully guaranteed trough Emotions that are quite strong to the point of forcing the Conscience drop its control to the Image. One of those Emotions is Frustration, the main source of violence. When Conscience isn't successful, the impatience of the Image gains control, and that means visceral violence, because is a much simpler and basic form of control, much more "natural"! Nevertheless, this type of violence normally doesn't do more harm than a broken keyboard or a smashed phone.

Image taking control over Conscience/Consciousness

When Conscience regains control regret follows as a question, why I did it? With time we may be able trough experience to endure greater levels of Frustration, or decrease it due to the knowledge of their impacts.

Another big lie that societies sell, is the lie of diversity, a byproduct of the first lie of Free Will. There is a "place for everyone", there are no handicaps there are only personalities, everyone is legally equal despite their differences and their Reality! Natural Selection is incredibly used to maintain this State of Affairs, where everyone thinks being the start of a new evolutionary ramification of their own species, or when every limitation is transformed in strength! Bio diversity between Species is transformed in Biodiversity inside Species, despite the reality pointing in the opposite direction, as modern humans display less genetic diversity than great apes, a puzzling finding given our much larger census population size. Interestingly, recent studies have shown that modern humans are not the only hominins characterized by comparatively low levels of genetic diversity (L. S. Premo1 and Jean-Jacques Hublin, 2008).

The most important difference between Conscience and Image is that the second one is a Standard, a Biological Normalization like Species. All humans share a very similar Image, despite a different Conscience. However is the Image and not the Conscience that ultimately regulates the Sociobiology Hierarchy. The right Smile, the right facial expression, the right phrase and the way and time they are used are mainly due to the Image than the Conscience. In fact, the one who uses more the Conscience than the Image in their daily basis relationships is more prone to suffer from Psychosis, due to the fact of using a more expensive type of cognition. More, it's in risk of developing an emotional conflict between Image and Conscience that normally results in Bipolar disorders. This pressure of the Image over the Conscience, is many times relieved with the use of drugs, Nevertheless the Image always prevails, and the relieve that Conscience had, sooner than later disappears leaving Conscience at the mercy of an even stronger Image. In this conflict, only conformity to the Image of the Species' Will brings peace.

The great majority of the population manages to accept its place in the Sociobiological Hierarchy, more or less frustrated, their perceived gains compensate their perceived losses, while the Species collects their real gains.

So, to Species always win, the Image has to represent their Will. And the will that best serves Species is the Will to Sex. This Will has to be very strong to allow great levels of Selection (filtering). Like a coffee filter that requires high pressure levels. As a result you get high levels of human waste, already explained in SAMPLING: As natural as "the Death of my Little Brother". So that in the end "can't do it" really means it!

On the other hand, the filter is shaped in a form of Shame, that reduces even more the chances of passing through so that only the best quality organisms are really chosen! Emotions are the main tool for Sex segregation in the Division of labor and other divisions based on sexuality. To Species, there shouldn't be shortcuts in the right stages of sexual intimacy, while Organisms should feel promiscuity as uncomfortable as possible. Emotions like shame are there to make all this unseen, to work under the societies' eyes, unable to see the Will of the Species. Societies are only able to make Individuals express phrases and thoughts that they don't really believe.

Like everything else, the pressure to Sex is greater in men than in woman, and this single fact explains the greater violence of men over woman. Men is in a greater fight with his cognitive Image than Woman, and consequently has more episodes of rupture that result in violence, including against himself (Gender differences in suicide). Greater but not exclusive to men, like the Suicide of Christine Chubbuck proves!

Normally this frustration leads to devotion and servitude towards the chosen ones, seen as heroes or role models, promoting this way the Sociobiological Hierarchy. However, in cases of extreme frustration, where heroes and role models aren't no more or even seen as what they really are, collateral damage might happen, and some superior and benefited specimens might be lost, as the price to accommodate the Species' greatest good. As a result of Evolution, the cognitive Image is perverse enough to put the guilty on Organisms instead on Species, firstly when Men think and express negatively on Woman, and secondly, when Men are seen as the real perpetrators (materialism)!

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