Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nature Sucks

Why not? It looks like every one of us tends to speak bad about everything, except "mother" nature. Why we just credit her form all the good things in the world, why not credit her for all the bad things?

I think this is because you already born with a brain washed way of thinking, not from any supposed evil manipulator, that tries to make you believe bad is good, or a corporation that wants you to buy more and pay more, no. You born brain washed from Nature! From your own species constitution.

Like in science, you don't need actors for a good explanation, and the real explanation it's the one that really don't need any subject or any actor, a good explanation almost lives by itself.

It's this natural machine in your head that makes you point the finger in the wrong direction. And because that, we have people in the past making exactly the same mistakes, again, again, again, and again. So some ask, why they never learn? Because nature was never truly fingered.

Ren being strangely happy - The Ren and Stimpy Show

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