Saturday, May 28, 2011

New species evolve in bursts - One more to the score

I'm starting to be like Darwin, like when people talk about Men from Apes.

When I say that there aren't Asexual Species, people normally forget that I'm taking from granted that only Eukaryotes have species.

Albeit the complains, again, and again, evidences fall in my hands telling me that I'm right, only Eukaryotes have species, because only them have Sexual Selection.

I found this more two for my increasing score:
  1. New species evolve in bursts;
  2. How many species of prokaryotes are there?.
The first one tells you that Sexual Selection promotes Punctuated Equilibrium, like my same conclusion in my post Inductive Nature, and the second one ends up making the following statement:
"Thus definition of species on this basis is not adequate for assessing the functional diversity of prokaryotic communities."

This last one, subscribes my post Why Sex, where I say:
"The placed pieces of the classic view do not solve the puzzle, because they are wrongly positioned in the next way:
  1. Speciation (all organisms);
  2. Sexual selection (some species)
Those pieces need to bee changed, like this:
  1. Speciation (some organisms);
  2. Sexual selection (all species)."
It's amazingly how Classical Evolutionist are starting to became like Evangelist, with Natural Selection exclusivity has his GOD.

Refusing the Status Quo is the fastest way to deprecation.

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